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On the northwest coast of One Happy Island is Arashi Beach, located not far from the iconic California Light House. While the soft white sands of the narrow beach are more than enough for many, and the calm warm waters are well loved by swimmers, the real attraction of Arashi Beach is the abundant marine life and beautiful landscapes that await you when you explore underwater on a Seabob tour.
At the southern end of the Arashi Beach is a large rock outcropping, and it is the submerged rocks around it that serve as the base upon which many corals grow, and the corals attract an amazing variety of beautiful tropical fish. Touring explorers will enjoy elkhorn corals, brain corals, sponges, starfish, eels, puffer fish, bait fish, tiny squids, and even the occasional sea turtle.
Alternatively, your underwater adventure can begin from Boca Catalina, which is just south of Arashi Beach. Protected from the wind and with perfectly clear waters at a depth of 10-12 feet, Boca Catalina makes the perfect setting for a Seabob tour. People often report that they felt like they were swimming in a tropical fish bowl, surrounded by a truly astounding variety of colorful aquatic species, including French Angelfish, Wrasse, Damselfish, Yellowtail, Goatfish, Cowfish, Tang, a huge Trigger Fish, several kinds of Parrotfish, Butterfly Fish and even a Green Moray, to name just a few.
Included in this tour is everything you need for an awesome adventure: Pick-up from and drop-off to your hotel or resort or nearest beach, a 1-hour-15-minute tour, beverages, snorkel mask, wetsuit, a Seabob F5 S Jet, and gorgeous underwater landscapes and marine life, including the Antilla shipwreck. Pricing is only $95 per person. Two daily tours are available at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM.


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