Spanish Lagoon Seabob Tour


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One of the least-visited spots for snorkeling is the southwest coast’s secretive Spanish Lagoon, which also makes it one of the very best spots for a Seabob tour. The unique feature of the lagoon is how much of it is lined with mangroves and their root systems that extend into the water. As it turns out, this makes for the perfect fish nursery, and snorkelers love being surrounded by clouds of “fry” or baby fish. Knowing that new generations of fish are being spawned here indicates it is a very healthy marine ecosystem. Plentiful coral makes for plentiful fish, including Parrotfish, Wrasse, Yellowtail, Tang, Butterfly Fish and many others.

Included in the Spanish Lagoon Seabob Tour is everything you need to make memories that will last a lifetime: Pick-up from and drop-off to your hotel or resort or nearest beach, a 2.5-hour tour, beverages, snorkel mask, wetsuit, a Seabob F5 S Jet, gorgeous underwater landscapes and marine life. Pricing is only $140 per person, and you can upgrade your tour to include jet boat transportation for just $200 extra. Availability for this tour is by request.

This tour includes:

  • Hotel Pick up and drop off to Spanish Lagoon
  • Total Tour time 2 and half hour
  • Drinks, snorkel mask and Wetsuits
  • Seabob F5 S jet
  • Visit varies Spanish Lagoon and other Sea marine sightseeing areas.

Tour Hours:

  • By Request

Tour price:

  • $140 p/p
  • Upgrade Transportation Option:
    Jet Boat $200 extra

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